Family Based Capitalization (FBC)

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right. -Confucius
Family is the most primitive and long lasting institutions of human history. As an institution family is contributing maximum benefit to the society, which is commonly remaining unrecognized and uncounted. An organizational tie within a family is highly defined and explicit than any other forms of organization. Family is the fundamental unit of our social construct. Irrespective of all other difference we all belong to a common identity i.e. family identity. Family is the miniature of our society; even it is a prototype of a country in terms of its functionalities.Family bondage is a unique and irreversible relationship based on the ethical obligation. Family is the first place to learn for individuals and learning of basic life skill grows from family and mindset are shaped by family cultures which have everlasting and enormous effects on the rest of the life. Culture of a society mostly depends on families' culture of that society because individual characteristics of a person are predominantly influenced and shaped by family environments.
Family Based Capitalization (FBC) is a (proposed) program for restoring family as a changing agent towards an entrepreneurial society through promoting #Familipreneurship. Familipreneurship is an interactive and evolvingtool which capacitates a family to utilize their individual and collective scattered capitals (Financial capital, Human capital, Physical capital, Social capital, Knowledge capital, Cultural capital and Intangible capital and natural capital) as performing capitals to optimize wealth. Internal relationships (bonding), relations with other communities (bridging) and relations with their natural and institutional environment (linkage) are the largest social capital of mankind which remains mostly unused, even undetected. Familipreneurship unfolds the opportunities to utilize social capitals through the matrix relationships of individuals and family with society, nation and the world. Utilization of social capitals accelerate the process of wealth optimization through maximizing performing capitals by accumulating scattered, unused and undetected resources and pave the ways for shaping the future towards an entrepreneurial planet.
FBC proposes family as a level of intervention and analysis for socio-economic development which is the most effective way of desired and sustainable change towards an inclusive society to establish a virtually boundary less/borderless entrepreneurial world to ensure the evolution of an equitable and just human civilization.
Vision of FBC
 Wealth maximization for equitable and healthy society.
  •  Restoration of inherited but shrink tradition and indigenous knowledge, culture and practices.
  •  Establishing social norms and values through enriching Family values.
  •  Multidimensional role of family as a social catalyst to remove all sorts of discrimination and injustice.
  •  Institutionalization of social educational system (Familipreneurship Education) through family and Community.
  •  Promoting entrepreneurial culture
  •  Converting family into Enterprise by counting its in-house non-monetary activities in GDP
  •  Making scattered/unused/undetected resources into performing Capitals
  •  Integrating work and family
  •  Family reunion
  •  Optimum utilization of social capital
  •  Reduced reliance on Finance capital
Mission of FBC:
This will enable to:
 DEVELOP entrepreneurial skills;
 UNDERSTAND the process of starting new ventures;
 CREATE, identify and evaluate new venture opportunities;
 TRANSFORM opportunity into success;
 OPTIMIZE strength to overcome threats & weakness;
 INTERPRET circumstances and quantify the value proposition;
 NAVIGATE the alternative resources option;
 USE social capital;
 ENHANCE and expand linkage & networks;
 INCREASE applied knowledge in solving personal and social problems;
 OBTAIN basic banking knowledge & funding options for credit/advance procedures;
 GAIN financial and professional support;
 CALCULATE credit worthiness before applying for funding;
 PREPARE an action plan with time frame;
 ASSESS the needs of resources for success;
 START to transform dreams/ideas into earning ventures;
#FAMILIPRENEURSHIP means the individual and collective power of a family members to combine and utilize personal and family capitals (Financial, Human, Physical, Social, Knowledge, Cultural and Intangible capitals) through their bondages, bridges and linkages to transform scattered resources into performing capitals to maximize wealth. #Familipreneurship denotes the entrepreneurship of a family as an entrepreneurial unit, it's a way of life to transform a family itself into an income generating unit."
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