Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In a changing world Leaders' success depends on his learning agility!

In a changing world Leaders' success depends on his learning agility! Today we need not to be a learned man to be successful rather we need to know how to know!

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Mijan Rahman
Charles Helliwell
Learning agility suggests that leaders are sufficiently agile in the first place to take advantage of the opportunities to learn. From what I've seen and experienced from them, many are a long way from agile, having not yet grasped the concept of ability. So how about an outcome of learning agility from a tangible increase in learning ability ?

Mijan Rahman
Syed Kamal Mujtaba CA(Finalist)

Mijan Rahman
Robert H. Sholly
There are some basics to business success for leaders and one of them is flexibility. I would equate "learning agility" to that attribute. If a leader can't be flexible to the changing times/processes/new techniques, then he will not be successful for long. If an alleged leader still depends on pen and paper without recognizing the absolute need for the internet/new technology/communications, then he is not long for success in the current environment.

Mijan Rahman
Ken Tasch
More important than the need to "know how to know" is the need to find out what you don't know.

Mijan Rahman
Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
There is a limit to uninitiated self learning. It is too much of an arrogance that one can learn
anything at any time when needed. Learning agility is a quality no doubt but that always belong to a learned man.

Mijan Rahman
Carl Byron Rodgers
Yes, as long as it is something that gives one meaning the learning becomes a curiosity and often fun.

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