Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Unlock your potentials “Be your own BOSS”!

Do what you enjoy to Dream>Plan>Change

 Dare to Dream;
 Exploring potentialities;
 Discovering opportunities;
 Believing own power;
 Make dream a reality.

 TRY it, KNOW it
Explore yourself
 SWOT analysis
 [Maximize] Strength
 [Minimize] Weakness
 [Optimize] Opportunity
 [Overcome] Threat

Set the GOAL
 Expectations
 Limitation
O <<Why you>>
 Tuning/fine tuning

 Make PLAN
O <<Start action>>
 Interpret
 Innovate
O <<Make change>>
 Be what you are!

Would you please have a look and share your thoughts on:
  1. "#Familipreneurship: A comprehensive approach of Entrepreneurship"
#FAMILIPRENEURSHIP means the individual and collective power of the family members to combine and utilize personal and family capitals (Financial, Human, Physical, Social, Knowledge, Cultural and Intangible capitals) through their bondages, bridges, and linkages to transform scattered resources into performing capitals to maximize wealth. #Familipreneurship denotes the entrepreneurship of a family as an entrepreneurial unit; it's a way of life to transform a family itself into an income generating unit…...” More onhttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140611195215-120595756-familipreneurship-a-comprehensive-approach-of-entrepreneurship
  1. "Overview of Family Based Capitalization (FBC)"
Family Based Capitalization (FBC) is a (proposed) program for restoring family as a changing agent towards an entrepreneurial society through promotingFamilipreneurship. Familipreneurship is an interactive and evolving tool, which capacitates a family to utilize their individual and collective scattered capitals (Financial capital, Human capital, Physical capital, Social capital, Knowledge capital, Cultural capital, Intangible capital, and natural capital) as performing capitals to optimize wealth. Internal relationships (bonding), relations with other communities (bridging) and relations with their natural and institutional environment (linkage) are the largest social capital of humanity, which remains mostly unused, even undetected. Familipreneurship unfolds the opportunities to utilize social capitals through the matrix relationships of individuals and family with society, nation, and the world. Utilization of social capitals accelerate the process of wealth optimization through maximizing performing capitals by accumulating scattered, unused and undetected resources and pave the ways for shaping the future towards an entrepreneurial planet. More on https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140611200419-120595756-family-based-capitalization-fbc

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