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What is more powerful? Knowledge or beliefs!

What is more powerful? Knowledge or beliefs!
What does history say!?

Vivart KapoorProf. J.K. Nanda, Ph.D.,D.Litt.Jihad Gafour+7 like this

Vivart Kapoor
Believing in things without knowing about them is never wise. Knowledge is what makes you an individual who simply prefer not to follow the herd.

Prof. J.K. Nanda, Ph.D.,D.Litt.
Beliefs.backed by knowledge.

Bert Robinson
Vivart, Agreed. Companies want people that possess Knowledge. They need people with experience and technical knowledge. Believes, is guesswork.

Abhijit Deb
Knowledge when practiced/implemented or proved again and again – gets added to one’s belief system. Example – “Cops don’t reach on time” is belief that came from knowing it – again and a g a i n.

Maria Melania Pop
Knowledge of course.

Salem Abusaif
Believes is the son of knowledge ,be aware of your knowledge to produce strong sons

Jihad Gafour
I believe and my beliefs are based on well known standards, I think and my thoughts are based on what I know, I know and my knowledge was influenced by XYZ.

Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
Beliefs any day ! Knowledge is for the few. Whereas Beliefs are passed on by heredity to the rest.

Dr. Sunil Deshpande
Undoubtedly Knowledge, because some belief may be vanished when they are tested on knowledge platform

Prayukth K V
Hi again Mijan, I would vote for knowledge because with knowledge your chances of going wrong are less.

Alexei Gartinski
The beliefs, of course! Including the extremely wide-spread belief that "knowledge is more powerful" ;-)

Arthur Bright
Knowledge bring confidence, belief has rooms for doubt... I'd go for Knowledge.

Dr Mahmood Sohail
Definitely beliefs are more powerful than knowledge

Zigmas Bigelis
Maybe beliefs are grounded on subconscious and intuition.. Knowledge on learning and experience.

Murali Menon
Very difficult to answer.
I remember reading TinTin "prisoners of the sun", where they use the knowledge of an impending eclipse to impress the Indians of their divinity and escape.
I don't know for sure if it was the knowledge or blind belief that set them free.
Both seem rather powerful in context.
Belief is just a different kind of "knowledge" because from the perspective of the believer it is just as true as knowledge

Cam T
It depends on your definition of power. For oneself, knowledge may be a very powerful tool as it can help you along the road to a good career or give you the tools to being a good parent in how you interact with your children.Belief, believe in yourself, that all things are possible. Knowledge is the relish on the hotdog.

Mijan Rahman
I think beliefs are more powerful and knowledge is more useful!

James Harrison
knowledge is power, power is the ability to use the knowledge.

T.T.Shagufta Hussein
It has been written that "In all the world there are only two kinds of people – those who know, and those who do not know; and this knowledge is the thing which matters." From knowledge we feel, understand and embrace belief.Good day to all. Sincere regards

Mijan Rahman
Brad Kolar
Beliefs - psychology shows that your beliefs can alter or override your knowledge

Mijan Rahman
Shivas .
lack of knowledge leads to formation of beliefs. we all have inadequate information about 'God' - but we all don't have the same beliefs about God.
Increasing your knowledge about something will alter your beliefs about it. But your beliefs won't alter your knowledge.

Mijan Rahman
Dr Mahmood Sohail
The knowledge grow with beliefs. Without beliefs the knowledge growth stops

Mijan Rahman
Cam T
Shivas. Knowledge can also lead to a formation of beliefs. If one has knowledge and they are doing an experiment. The results will be produced to either formulate or verify a hypothesis. The end result then would be "I beleive the experiment was successful as it proved my original belief that A +B=C. However with technology & science new data emerges , thus our beliefs may change as we do further evaluations.Our knowledge too may change.I hope this makes sense.

Mijan Rahman
Knowledge is power.

Mijan Rahman
Cam T
Yes, Sucharit that quote was said by Francis Bacon hundreds of years ago. As a scientist, I think he may have meant that one makes an experiment, studies it, makes observations, tests or measures the results and comes to a conclusion or result.

This can be extended today in terms of marketing a new drug or really any product. If we measure and analyze a drug or product we hopefully will end up with something that will benefit mankind. How wonderful it would be if we have a cure for cancer? It would be truly powerful if one day soon this becomes a reality. Years of research & knowledge will yield results that would have a tremendous impact on society. Thus knowledge is power.

Mijan Rahman
Maria Melania Pop
We already have the cure for cancer, it's just not marketed yet, for profit reasons.

I should probably not have written this here.

Mijan Rahman
Cam T
Maria, has it been approved by the FDA and what type of cancer are you referring to. Thanks

Mijan Rahman
Maria Melania Pop
It probably wasn't approved by the FDA, not because of its lack of efficiency, toxicity or secondary effects (all of which are characteristics of the drugs used to cure cancer at present), but due to fear of bankruptcy.

Mijan Rahman
Cam T
Maria, hi. Hope you are well.

Have they been cleared yet by the FDA for any phases of the clinical trials? If this drug really has the potential you have been told it has, it must be approved by the FDA for all stages.
If it has been cleared in Phase 1 or 2 for example, other companies will be aware and will be watching closely as companies put out press releases on their company web site regarding their pipeline and progress. Word gets out quickly, so if this drug has the potential to cure cancer, someone like Merck, Bristol may want a partnership, or will give milestone payments. There are many financial options available. For your own protection do not disclose the name of the company.

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