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We are dominated by our faiths & beliefs!

We are not guided by our knowledge & experiences rather we are dominated by our faiths & beliefs!

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Kenneth Roy Higham
Just so. It has never been that the Kingdom must change, only that the men and women within it change.

Salem Abusaif
I think knowledge & experiences will improve,clarify ,open the vision and correct our faiths & beliefs!

Sandeep Srinivasan
We r guided by our basic character traits ( we r born with ) & our perceptions ( which our mind develops of others / things as we grow).... Only these two determine our faith & beliefs ... And our r faith & beliefs will determine our intelligence, logic & reasoning, the kind of knowledge & wisdom & everything ( the good, bad & the ugly) happening in life ... Eg: Budha gave us his wisdom ' Desire is the cause of every misery'... Many people believe in this wisdom... It may be true ! But that's not my personal belief ... My strong belief is 'without desire there is no love for life... no real motivation to be happy or experience joy... no real human existence... no creation itself ... hence desire always & ultimately lead to happiness & joy'...

Bert Robinson
In today's society does faith and beliefs still have a foothold? The problem with our knowledge and experience is that companies that once could utilize it have moved someplace else. Therefore what beliefs do we have? And who do we blame for our failures?

Alyson L Abramowitz
Our beliefs determine which of the options available to us are those we will consider. They don't take the place of skills. They augment and guide them.

Anyone who doesn't believe faith is alive and well need only look at start ups. Rationally we know overwhelmingly that they fail. Yet some of us have enough faith that we plug along hoping the next one will bring success.

Tom Nosal
They all have to play well together, but you cannot hold any of them to be absolute. If we hold too strongly to a faith or belief, it could cloud our understanding or even our ability to objectively listen to what we have learned or experienced.
I think what we learn and experience forms our faith and beliefs, until we learn or experience something to change those.
Bert Robinson
Alyson, People that start businesses do not work on faith, they have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. Tom N. I concur with your statement. When we talk about faith. We need to recognize that people of different ethnic backgrounds have different concepts regarding the subject. And many even have a God for every single subject we can think of. We each cling to what we know, but is important to realize that other people cling to a very different beliefs not consistent with ours. The situation is complex and the world is complex and extremely diverse, clinging to a single belief is simply not reality in human nature..

Mijan Rahman
Thanks everybody for your excellent comments! I'll be back to you soon with individual reply of your every comments.
Mean while I'd like to present my own view regarding this issue. I think our character is mostly dominated by our faiths and beliefs which is the function of our subconscious mind which may be called 'traits'. Thoughts are the process output of our subconscious mind, our thoughts determined our attitude. Thoughts derives from our desires/needs and sensual observation. Our attitude determines our action.This is the biological being who is consciously creating a hologram of of self by concious mind which is guided by experienced knowledge towards our mission. Our vision determines our mission and ultimate vision of human being is being 'perfect'. Idea of perfection is shaped by our experienced knowledge but our character is dominated by our faiths and believes. Faiths and beliefs are the knowledge without reason and experience which is dominating our intellect and reasoning.
Would appreciate any criticism/opinion/addition or anything you like! Please drop a line! I'm committed to reply every comment individually.

Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
Yes, Predominantly.That is how Religions are surviving for centuries as majority goes by
Faiths & Beliefs. Knowledge is supposed to bring rationality in human beings to overcome animality. But war torn society of universe proves animality overpowers Knowledge and rationality.

Kailash Kant
Faith and Believes are formed by Knowledge and Experience.

No one develops a faith n believe to a Subject (any subject, be it science,technology, nation, lifestyle, food, relations or religion), without any knowledge n experience of the same.

Suren Saini
Having been driven by beliefs is not a problem as long as its contributing positively to your life goals. Problem is, people are not able to identify and Break Free from such beliefs those are pulling them and humanity back.

Suren Saini
Well said Kailash K.

Carl Byron Rodgers
Some of us by knowledge & experience some by faiths and beliefs some a mix.

Kenneth Roy Higham
Bert... is not faith in ones ability to deliver the dream, the essence of entrepreneurial spirit? How else might one set off on an entrepreneurial quest without faith in one's ability to adapt, or persistence or work ethic, or indeed any of the other personal qualities required to bring about said venture?

Jay Wren
A more accurate statement is that some people are guided by knowledge and experiences. Other people are guided by faiths and beliefs.

Rahul Mitra
In a way I would agree on this, but it is also true that faith and belief are strongly backed up and made stronger with knowledge & experiences.

Akhilesh Gupta
Knowledge and experience is certainly utilized in decision making process even if we are dominated by our faith and belief.
Mijan Rahman
Dr Gary Sheard
We are certainly guided by our knowledge and experiences. We may be dominated by our beliefs.
However, a biblical quote, "Do not put the Lord your God to the test."
i.e. don't try and walk on the sea...
Mijan Rahman
J M Garg
Mostly our faiths and beliefs are guided by our knowledge & experience.
Mijan Rahman
Paul F. Billington
Faiths and beliefs are developed, mostly, in our formative years, after which they have a very powerful influence in spite on subsequent accrued knowledge and experience. This means that those with many years experience must consciously reflect on and challenge their beliefs, or otherwise be dominated be their earlier models.
Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson
For the educated individuals is there really any faith that guides them? Paul F. faith maybe an influence when we are young. However, even today in Europe. Faith is only remembered during the holiday season and not practiced in regular life. Industrialized nations of Europe, knowledge and experience will guide their decision-making process.
Mijan Rahman
Paul F. Billington
Well Bert, even educated have beliefs and even faith, and these will also developing during higher education. Okay, I have to admit that I took a more general interpretation of belief and faith than simply those derived from religious doctrine. For example, brands are associated with beliefs such as, IBM is the best money can by or religion has no place in business.
As a manager it is often not possible to take a reductionist approach to decision-making, i.e. scientific, but to apply judgment or even gut feelings and even faith/trust.
As a scientist reductionist approach is mandatory.
Where we talking about religious beliefs and faith, I think thing become more complicated. I becomes a characteristic of the manage, e.g. Quakers have developed some very successful companies companies and their "faith" dictates that their business should not contribute to sinful behaviour and harm to people. For this reason, lucrative defence contract have been rejected. Europe is more diverse than it might appear.
Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
Wow! Thanks everybody for contributing and making the discussion so live. In fact this wonderful opportunity of learning enriching my knowledge and understanding. I'm grateful to all of you!
Mijan Rahman
Zigmas Bigelis
I suppose that it is mixed (integrated ) system of knowledge, experience and faith and beliefs. Sometimes you make decisions supported by knowledge and sometimes supported by beliefs.
Mijan Rahman
Edward Simangunsong
this is a spiritual spirit rather than a management education..
Mijan Rahman
Rahul Mitra
Some were here hidden or little open the thought is coming that religion as a faith and business have no way connected. But if we go into the real teaching of human behavior culture etc are all born at the religion level. I would put here a Biblical quot straight on working..........
Ephesians 6: 5-9
* obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. 7Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.
9And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with him.
Mijan Rahman
Edward Simangunsong
If you can implement bible teaching into your business that would be excellent... you become

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