Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A ‘Leader’ is not a person or position; it is a role to make the ‘things’ happen!!!
  • A LEADER arranges resources and creates the system to make the thing happen right.
  • A MANAGER organizes resources and activates the system to make the right thing happen.
  • An EXECUTIVE utilizes resources and runs the system to make the correct thing happen.
As a leader, one must be a person with a position. However, being a person and having a position does not necessarily make anyone a leader. There is no set forth attribute or set of attributes that can make a leader. Successful ‘leadership traits’ completely depend on the followers in space-time-purpose. Infact, responsibility of a leader is to hold the steering wheel of change towards the right direction of specific purpose. Change is the ultimate variable of time. I think learning agility is the most important aspect of leadership in a changing time!

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