Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's time for the servant leadership!!

The days of heroic/commanding leadership has gone! It's time for the servant leadership!!

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Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
Hopefully Yes !

Ken Tasch
Agree--but there will always be situations where command and control leadership remains important.

Chris Davis
Command and control absolutely has its place. The time is nigh for FLEXIBLE leadership that moulds its self to the situation at hand

Lubomir Iliew
I believe it is a matter of balance between leadership styles – and very often one needs to have several leadership styles in her/his toolbox. In different situations you need a different tool, as everywhere.

Bob Nordlicht
if you mean heroic stands for risk, or taking chances, think of the internet and all that has developed there. think of telecommunications, think of the electric car. heroic leadership, is far from gone.

Charles Helliwell
No leader that I know of thinks they're a servant; most of them are convinced that they are the master, or in some cases, the mistress.

Mijan Rahman
Paul Brunberg
In our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and fast-paced environments, we need leaders who are flexible and adaptable to the situation and audience they are working with. There will be times where command and control skills are necessary - think about new hires who are being on-boarded. They will need a great deal of direction and supervision while they learn and adapt to their new organization. Transformational leadership can be seen with a group of experienced and knowledgeable people who know the ropes and are working to achieve an end-state goal. Both can have essences of servant leadership within the paradigms. A command and control approach serves both the aim and the new hires in achieving the on-boarding goals and success of the new hires by being an example and demonstrating/guiding their learning. The same leader will serve the senior team by achieving deadlines, setting direction, and ensuring support where the senior team identifies their needs. Servant leadership is how one perceives the effects of the leader's activities and approaches.

Mijan Rahman
T.T.Shagufta Hussein
Good day! there will be always command, demand and control in successful/ great leadership. In business world there is no heroic leadership. The term "heroic" does not suit for business. It is always successful/ great leadership. Well, I might be wrong. If I am wrong ,excuse my comment. Wish you all , a very good day.
Thanks n regards

Mijan Rahman
Dr Gary Sheard
Leaders are heroes or heroines that serve the people they lead. But please don't take the romance out of the role... Admiral Nelson just sailed around in boats - doesn't inspire one to greatness.

Mijan Rahman
T.T.Shagufta Hussein
I understand , Dr. Sheard . I won't dare to take out the romance from "leadership" I just thought (As an ex student of English n American Literature) the term "heroic" only suits in the world of romanticism and imaginary. I was grossly mistaken! But I asked for the excuse in advance. Thank you so much for the correction. Good to know that leaders have romantic heart as well , not only poets , artists authors.Wish you a perfect day and even a better lovely tomorrow and week-end.
Sincere n profound regards

Mijan Rahman
Jay Wren
Servant leadership is an oxymoron. Robert Greenleaf popularized the term to describe leadership that supports the workers and enriches their lives. (https://greenleaf.org/what-is-servant-leadership/) Many organizations use some of the practices that Greenleaf describes as servant leadership. They do so out of common sense. Soldiers don't fight on empty stomachs or with guns without bullets. However, there is really no such thing as a servant leader.

Mijan Rahman
Kalyan C Kota
I guess it's (servant leadership) just a fad, leadership is always heroic.

Mijan Rahman
Prayukth K V
Hi Mijan, I think heroic and servant variants represent two extremes of leadership. True leadership lies somewhere in the middle

Mijan Rahman
Salem Abusaif
Leadership styles are varies from one leader to another ,gune leader is that one who understood his mission carefully and made balance between achieving goals and care of his team and looking beyond the mission in his hand .

Mijan Rahman
Dr.Shalini Ratan
Servant leader is the most Commanding and Heroic...Yes, he is not a Dictator or an Authoritarian.

To lead as a Servant is not possible for all. Only a Hero can be like it. It requires extreme Love for his people.

Mijan Rahman
Zilong Wang (Joshua)
Servant leadership is what I embraced for years. I am happy to lead as a servant!

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