#Familipreneurship: The Ultimate Solution of Poverty!

Credits or grants are not a permanent solution to fight against poverty. Even having wealth is not ‘enough’ to guarantee ‘poverty’ free life. Ultimate solution to poverty is being wealthy! And the easiest way of being wealthy is belonging to a wealthy family! Poverty free nation means poor family free nation.........
It was true that after the industrial revolution machine-led production system created centralized job market which forced us to leave the family for the sake of job to feed our family. This production structure was almost intact for almost two century. But after 1950 electronic science began to emerge as science of all. Mechanical production system was highly manual labor intensive, electronic science converted it into automated or semi-automated, manual labors are gradually replacing by sophisticated electronics system, and the electronic system need not significant physical labor to operate them rather it needs specialized technical knowledge. Since the last decade of past century electronics and information technology jointly changed the basic pattern of our production system. I believe we have already achieved appropriate knowledge and skills to create a human labor free production system!
Unfortunately socialist and capitalist both group were assumed this machine led production system as an ultimate system of society. Socialist never could reach the mass people/ labor class, they took the responsibility of all good, people were supposed to follow only, seemingly labor class was attracted by socialist propaganda but they were unable to make the labor class understand what is socialism itself rather a public conception was created that socialism means having no personal wealth and the worst thing is socialism perceived as anti-religious! This technological boom could be blessing for the labor class (!) but it could not be due to socialist stupidity, capitalism pervaded all, and labor class adopted their sufferings with their lifestyle as their destiny.
Sudden production boom suddenly increased national and international trade but due to lack of a uniform system of trading the complexity was increasing day by day. At this moment ‘Wealth of Nation’ came to save the Planet! As there is no alternative options and seemingly ability to answer economic question world economic system solely constituted on Adam Smith’s theory (based on some ‘puzzle’ and imagery characters, later on Keynes did) the rest and Briton wood Institutions institutionalized the system to serve capitalism. On the other hand this capitalist economic system was in favor of upper and power classes, arguably they promoted capitalism. Since nineteen-century capital is accompanied by arms and the power of arms increased geometrically. After the Second World capital and arms took over the charge of GOD, Planet finance confirmed both exploitation and domination of capitals.
Now machine led production system almost completely replaced by automated production system, alternative job markets are created everywhere, people need not leave home for the job, rather they could create job at home like our grandfathers. Surprisingly basic structure of our economics has been changed, but our system remained the same which make us feel us labor class. We need to completely restructure our economic system which is sufficient to feed 700 Billion human beings. Moreover service sector and small & cottage industries emerged which made huge space for individual or small group jobs. Now we need to reverse our system to adjust with the jobs created at home. Since the inception of our civilization our jobs were created at our own home, the industrial revolution forced us to leave home and our latest technological innovation will remove the obstacle of space-time. If we return to our previous status of a job at home we could easily avoid huge transportation cost for home to office to home.
Credits or grants are not a permanent solution to fight against poverty. Even having wealth is not ‘enough’ to guarantee ‘poverty’ free life. Ultimate solution to poverty is being wealthy! And the easiest way of being wealthy is belonging to a wealthy family! Poverty free nation means poor family free nation. Human civilization cannot exist without the family. Family is not a place, it’s an institution. We need a fundamental policy reform which is a long term process but at this moment we need national and international consensus and green/policy paper for family-based society. It is proven that whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a group is more powerful than the same number of individuals. As a group bondage among the family members are highly defined and often determined by moral obligation. Using a family as an agent of enterprising could be more sustainable than the individual efforts. And enterprising is a tested and trusted way of employment generation and economic growth which consequently diminish poverty. #Familipreneurship proposes promoting family enterprise as a tool for poverty reduction, employment generation, and economic growth in the context of developing and less developed economy.
Historically the family take cares child & old! Recent study says, in spite of having alternative options family is the best institution for old & child caring. There is a proven relation between family and happiness and Poverty is the greatest enemy of a family. #Familipreneurship is one of the easiest process of being wealthy family, Family Based Capitalization (FBC) is a sustainable system of being wealthy family. Fight the Right is an efficient program of having wealthy family.
‪#FAMILIPRENEURSHIP means the individual and collective power of a family members to combine and utilize personal and family capitals (Financial, Human, Physical, Social, Knowledge, Cultural and Intangible capitals) through their bondages, bridges and linkages to transform scattered resources into performing capitals to maximize wealth. #Familipreneurship denotes the entrepreneurship of a family as an entrepreneurial unit, it's a way of life to transform a family itself into an income generating unit.”

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