Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We Must Be HAPPY to LIVE & GROW!

It's matter what we learn! Learn to be happy!!
Our learning creates our thoughts, thoughts determine attitudes, attitude determines actions, action determines missions, mission determines the vision, vision determines achievements, achievement determines happiness, and happiness is the ultimate pursuit of life! Beware of toxic knowledge. Of course, we need periodical delearning to make ourselves virus free!

In this world of changes, we need not be a learned (w)man rather we need to be a learning (w)man!
At first we need to know what to know then we should how to know. Knowing itself doesn't carry any value unless we translate it into action.
An action doesn't carry any value unless it has its own purpose.The ultimate Purpose of all purposes is happiness.
Happiness can not exist itself unless surroundings are happy! It's not an end, happiness is a means to live & grow lively.
Happiness is not an optional issue; it's mandatory for the optimum potentiality of a human being! So we must LEARN to do; DO to be happy. We must be HAPPY to LIVE & GROW!
 We are mostly unhappy not because of the absence of happiness, we are not happy just because of we are not good at predicting what will make us happy! Happiness is the essence of human life and Learning, Working and Playing are the ultimate sources of happiness; Working and Playing are same subjects with different objects and also the ultimate source of Learning. Learning by Doing is the most enjoyable Playing and the most efficient way of Working. 

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