Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Latest is not always the best!

The latest is not always the best!

More or less all of we are affected by Latest mania but Latest is not always the best option! In context of technology this is very much true!

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Charles Helliwell
Early adopting or pathfinding is always treading a challenging path, particularly when others learn from the mistakes we've made. We rarely remember the first and possibly not even the second or third; we only remember the ones who came after and became successful as a result.

Mijan Rahman
@Charles! Well said, thanks for contributing!

Calvin Wilson
technology can never be an ultimate alternate match of human touch and participation.

Kailash Kant
There shall always be a difference between the Latest and the Proven / Tested.

Mijan Rahman
Salem Abusaif
Latest is always the best,

When the application proves that

Mijan Rahman
Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
If it is not the Best, it Can't be "latest". Otherwise it will be thrown in the waste basket as a misadventure of someone.

Mijan Rahman
Jihad Gafour
Well compared (quality, price, specifications to our needs), well informed, well selected= best choice.

Mijan Rahman
Jihad Gafour
Perhaps durability and reliability where @ Mijan statement is applicable.

In many products (electric appliances, fridge, Tvs and cars used to serve longer and more reliable.

Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
Thanks everybody for contributing! Personally I believe that there must be some 'innovative outlaw' who would explore the latest to make it proven/tested for the rest.

Kenny Fraser
Make sure business value drives technology choice. Don't just invest in the latest thing and hope for the best. Having said that, the potential of mobile and digital technology is much greater than many realise.

Mijan Rahman
Sanjay Shukla
Old is Gold;may not though be bold!!

Mijan Rahman
william adams

just look at windoze* was terriblemicroslop quickly went to win ten to try to fix it same as in the past vista and others they were the latest but always worse than what it replaced

Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
@adams In fact you mentioned the strongest example of 'latest is not always the best"! Thanks for commenting.
3 months ago
Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
Thanks to all for your active participation and sharing thoughts which certainly enlightened me!

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