Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Strongest and the Weakest Currency of History!

'Love’ is the Strongest currency in the world of all time that has strong global acceptance and always maintains a stable exchange rate with happiness, which can purchase almost anything! 
‘Trust’ is the Weakest currency that has very little and local acceptance only, which always maintains a floating exchange rate that is used for retail transactions only!

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Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson

When it comes to the strongest and weakest currencies the reading seem to fluctuate widely some are listed below in the contradiction listed at the bottom. Fluctuation this constant

* Kuwaiti Dinar

* Bahrain Dinar

* Omani Rial

* Lats Euro

* Britian Pound

* Jordanian Dinar

* Union Euro

* Azerbaijan Manat

* Islands Doller

* Frank

And of those list
* dollar

* Norwegian Krone
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Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
I agree.
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Abdul Baasit Sathar
Nice way to put it
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Abderrahmane Jai
Thank for sharing this.

After producing the product or the service while insuring its quality and its respect to the different norms and standards, and in order to attain or to go beyond the sales objectives, the entrepreneur/manager has to love the product s/he produces, and the services s/he offers and if this love is topped with Trust built through reputation, education, etc . . . There should be no reason why not to succeed in any market.

Back to your post, I inform you that:

The love market has being invaded by fake love bank notes and also by hate banks notes, which reduces the demand for love (a matter of credibility). It is therefore difficult to have love as the strongest currency.

No official records about international trade of love. A few international transactions of love have been observed since the human being started to cross continents.

Trust; Even if it is considered to be a weak currency, it has the potential to improve through recognition processes (Experience, Certification, standardization . . .).
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Jay Wren
Interesting discussion, Mijan.
Mijan Rahman
Jay Wren
I agree.
Mijan Rahman
J M Garg
Mijan Rahman
Cam T
Very true.
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Declan Goodman
I admire this post however I don't believe love is a currency. A currency is a means of exchanging one thing for another. Love however is one sided - to love in its noblest form is to give without expecting anything in return. Love requires no validation as giving it freely bears no burden or vulnerability upon the giver. Trust, on the contrary, is an exchange which can only be validated by extending it to someone and finding out the hard way if you made a mistake. With regards to happiness - love is related but you must first learn to love yourself.

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