Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If you want to know the future of a person, look at the friends!

If you want to know the future of a person, look at the friends and fellows around him. If you want to know your own future, simply build it as you desire!


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Mijan Rahman
Maria Melania Pop
What if he is alone?

Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson
Frequently we do judge people by their friends, this is especially true with children. Adults typically have secret lives, one type of friend would be there business acquaintance, their friends in their personal life, and may possibly have a secret life, with friends they do not want other people to know about.

Therefore, it is difficult to make judgments on people based on their friends. To make such a judgment we would have to know who all their friends are, and this is not realistic.

The Japanese typically have two types of friends, the people they are seen with in public, and their secret friends they have affairs with and do not want the public to know about. Such behavior maybe well known in their society, however it exists in virtually all societies in a much more secretive basis.

Mijan Rahman
Sean Gallahar
Someone else's future, unless directly connected to me (wife, kids, business partner, etc.) is of no concern to me.

Mijan Rahman
Bob Nordlicht
If you judged one's futures, based on those that they hung around with, in their early teenage years, or even university, they would be druggies, locked up, or on the streets with a cup. Yet, they aren't and many are great successes..... luck, drive, willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes, education etc, are ONE'S decisions and some of the keys to whatever one wishes. Those that he/she hung with, make their own lives .One caveat thou, once in the workplace, it really pays to hang with successes, or those that you know are on their way up, as when bosses look at you, i think, it does somehow, go into their minds, to pay more attention to you, if you surround yourself, with those types of individuals.

Mijan Rahman
Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
"A man is known by his company".....

Mijan Rahman
When we become adults we are going to be average of the our close six friends. An adage says that "birds of the same feather flocks together" . When we try to make a fundamental change from our friends there will be a possible resistance from those who are unlikely to benefit from the change.

Mijan Rahman
Tal Mirza
Mijan and Chris, Your view is absolutely correct! The "qualities" of our friends, indeed, can often indicate the "trajectory" of our own lives! Our associates and friends have huge influence upon how we would ourselves evolve.

Mijan Rahman
Claus Dieter Hermanni
There is a Greek proverb: "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are."

My ideas about ...
The people with whom we surround ourselves have a significant impact on us. The reason is that we copy ourselves from these certain behaviors. We imitate our personal environment.

Would a child come alone on the idea to walk on two legs, when all the people around him always crawl on hands and knees? Most likely not. Because we automatically assume behaviors of our environment! It starts with the parents and siblings. Later, we encounter through the enhanced social influence our "friends". What does that mean for our topic? Create an environment of friends that will benefit more than harm. Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn something. Such means that you positively inspiring. Friends can inspire you for the better. Be critical, choose, learn, ask for help at your friends,parents, teachers if you are not sure. As part of your options your social personality and your competence is to develop further. Be clear about your interests, build, create your circle of friends, it is your future ... The challenges to connect into a better quality of friends, life and future is in your personal environment it is yourself, your parents, your teachers, your friends, your company. Just do it.

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