Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The one and only error of nature!

The one and only error of nature is the existence of human beings within it!

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Mijan Rahman
Salem Abusaif

Mijan Rahman
Jay Wren
Interesting thought, Mijan.


Five Natural elements dancing, joyously .....................

Mijan Rahman
Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
Human beings , it seems found it out. Now they are trying to destroy this natural disaster [or error] by eliminating themselves.

Mijan Rahman
J M Garg
Sorry, could not get it, Mijan. Will you please elaborate a little.

Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson
Mijan, I like this subject. Well, the question is, is humanity a mistake of nature? Something that's developed that should've never developed and is now the dominant species on the planet. If we cannot find similar life anyplace else any time in the distant future, then possibly humanity was a mistake of nature.

Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
Thanks everybody for your nice comments and valuable contribution which enlightened me on the way of overcoming my darkness. However, I'd like to supplement some thoughts on the subject to clarify my standing. I think nature is a super system that is blended with systems and each system has its subsequent sub-system. Events of natural systems are complete, interdependent, and compliant within itself. Nature dominates all events naturally to exist and grow unless manipulation occurred. Time is the expression of nature’s domination and the ultimate force of change (exist and grow). This is the law of nature where no event can happen that is harming for the nature itself and beyond explanation by natural rule, which we call scientific theory. Nothing can manipulate the events of nature except humanity that is the only threat of nature for its existence!

I'd humbly request your open thoughts and criticism. I'd appreciate your query and feedback.

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