Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We are not motivated by the knowledge of economics!!

We are not motivated by the knowledge of economics, we are guided by the conditioned faiths on economics!!

Our economics is not a science at all, it's not based on pure scientific observation, it's a belief system based on some "economic puzzles" and imaginary characters like 'market', demand etc. which are specifically designed to deceive the mass people to exploit them. As our economics are based on some beliefs it didn't evolve like religions!

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Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson
Unfortunately in today's global economy economics frequently reflects the political situation which in return ends up shaping the economics. The current price of oil is certainly a good example of that.

Madhup Sharma
Absolutely, jargons of economics put one in puzzles and he then goesby faith in economics ..while science is truth economics put blanket on it and one ignores the fact "resources are limited"

Mijan Rahman
Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee
Economics has never claimed its scientific Status. Some do believe it is. But many do not.
Economic observations are majorly Human Behavior oriented in collective mode. Human
Behavior is not very scientific, as it lacks repeat-ability.You will agree the smallest man of
the society, who is even not aware of Economics, goes daily to the "Market" with his "Demand" of some goods to buy like vegetables, or some "Service" like a Hair Cut.

Mijan Rahman
Bert Robinson
Anjan, Yes, Economics is not a science and can be referred to Moore as an economic puzzle as outlined by Mijan.

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