Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Our economists do not tell us how economics behaves rather they teach & preach us how we should behave with economics! We are not motivated by the knowledge of economics, we are guided by the conditioned faiths on economics!!

#‎CapitalisticCreditSystem‬ is the largest black whole of our economic system!
‪#‎CapitalisticMonetarySystem‬ is the most intelligent velki baji of all time on the Earth!
‪#‎BrettonWoodAgreement‬ is the freakiest agreement where US purchased present and future of the whole planet at the price of simple papers issued by US treasury.
‪#‎BretonWoodCurrencySystem‬ made the world money blind. 
‪#‎Dollar‬ is the only currency which exists after its death by sucking blood from all other currencies of the Planet at their request to make themselves alive.

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