Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Our economists do not tell us how economics behaves rather they teach & preach us how we should behave with economics! We are not motivated by the knowledge of economics, we are guided by the conditioned faiths on economics!!

As a genre of knowledge economics failed to serve its purpose to do good for humanity.
Our present economic systems mainly based on Adam Smith's (Later on Keynes) economics which derived from sensual observation of a capitalist point of view in the context of capital-led production system. Since then theoretically our economics remained fundamentally unchanged. Our economics is not a science at all, it's not based on pure scientific observation, it's a belief system based on some "economic puzzles" and imaginary characters like 'market', demand etc. which are specifically designed to deceive the mass people to exploit them. As our economics is based on some beliefs it didn't evolve like religions! With the latest scientific knowledges our all other systems are updated to make our life more meaning full but, unfortunately, our economic systems are remained static on Keynes. Like other genres of knowledge, economics don't serve us rather we are serving our economic systems. We can't ensure universal human rights unless we change our present economic system of exploitation through the financialization.

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