Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To be a good leader, we need to be a good listener!

t could be said, ‘To be a good leader, we need to be a good listener’!

To be a good leader, we need to be a good teacher; To be a good teacher, we need to be a good student; To be a good student, we need to be a good questioner; To be a good questioner, we need to be a good listener; To be a good listener!

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Vivart Kapoor
Matching your analogy..I would say, to be a good leader, one must be a good follower (ofcourse with a good leader as your idol)..

Ken Tasch
Listening is one of the hardest skills to master, especially for leaders who like to hear themselves talk.

Bob Nordlicht
agreed , listening ,hearing, understanding,, in the super faced paced world of a CEO, can be he difference between failure and success.

Abdul Baasit Sathar
Its merely one aspect. However, something that is very important is Listening and Understanding what is being told!

Mijan Rahman
The word 'listening' should mean what is being perceived by the sensors! Is it possible to understand exactly what others are telling?

T.T.Shagufta Hussein
It is possible if you are a good listener and good interpreter. Interpreting has a role to play in listening skills which requires good understanding and perceiving. Thanks Mijan for interesting discussion. Thanks n regards

Abbas Alimorad, CPC, CSM, PMP
Winston Churchill said: "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." So yes to be a good leader you must listen…

Edward Simangunsong
listening is part of a leader's job...a leader will bring harmony to his/her organization by listening first...

Colin Coverdale
Absolutely right. Here is a leaders secret to put it simply - the more you listen the more you understand about a problem and the more you understand about it the more obvious the answer becomes. You use that techniques by listening and asking questions but don't tell others about it because it becomes your tool to solving problems. I guarantee you it works and as the boss you need to know how to solve problems. Act confidently at all times which reassures your people you know what you are doing by probing and their confidence in you rises when you deliver the answer.

Chris Davis
Yep two ears one mouth .. to be used in proportion!

Arun Kumar Davay (11,000+)
Learn to Listen; Listen to Learn..!

Mijan Rahman
Lino Rodríguez Blas
Absolutely agree with that statement. It's and essential factor.

Stanford Mphahlele
I less disagree with the statement. there are no other better words to describe a good leader.

Mijan Rahman
Wilma Slenders, PhD

Mijan Rahman
Sebastian Thalanany
Listening, where the texture and tenor of expression is heard and understood, foreshadows the qualities of leadership excellence, which in turn inspires a culture of excellence, evolution and well-being.

Mijan Rahman
Eunice Nyadu (FCCA)
Nothing beats good listening skills. Most leaders are made or unmade by their listening abilities.

Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman
Thank you all for your nice comments and valuable insights! I am ever grateful for your contribution developing my understanding. But still I have some difficulties on this issue. Is it possible to understand exactly what others are telling? Because in any language merely words itself even, sentences carry no meaning unless a person inflicts some meaning on it. Moreover, the same word does not carry same meaning to everybody. Words and sentences carry meaning according to our individual cognitive process of the learned words or sentenced, which is completely unique experience of an individual. ‘Listening’ should mean ‘being understood contextually’. Would you please share your opinion!

Mijan Rahman
Douglas Bush, M.A.
Most people attribute leadership to the person who knows how to communicate, and active listening is a critical skill to a leader's effectiveness and subsequent success!

Mijan Rahman
Eberhard Bohrisch
Mijan, I can't but agree with you wholeheartedly! Understanding is a circular process, not a linear transfer of "information". Listening as the recursively structured attempt to understanding my counterpart by hearing, giving feedback, and hearing again. As we are all living in our own, singular world, listening is an endless process!

Mijan Rahman
Baltazar Calafell
Active Listening is a skill, that should be practiced daily. Communication and truly understanding and testing for clarification to ensure the message is accurate is priceless. Everyone wants to be heard and have their words and thoughts valued.

Mijan Rahman
Edward Simangunsong
well, listening bring two meanings to those who bring the issue to the boss , one is that there is a process of appreciation, and second that the issue need to be analysed whether or not it is concrete issues so solution can be endeavoured. you see many people are longing to be heard and recoqnized regardless the issue is concrete or not in the eyes of the boss.

so first just listen to your team member and then give feedback accordingly..by doing that your team member would appreciate that and make their move accordingly. further after you listen you know what to do and you can harmonize various demands from your team members...there may be ideas worth or not to be absorbed is the tasks of the leader...but harmony is achieved buy adding whats more relevant and cut down whats create negativity..

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